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Tile Cleaning

"We can restore your floor to it's former glory."

We provide free estimates.

Tile Restoration


We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning and restoration services for all you floor requirements. Our expertise as natural stone specialist has been gained over 20 years and we are happy to come and look at your floor and offer our professional advice.

SPRING CLEAN   This is an intense clean using specialist products.  We make sure that the tiles and the grout are fully cleaned by hand and machine getting off all surface dirt and dirt that collects in the grout. Once floor is fully dry we will re-wax when required.

DEEP CLEAN  This clean is for floors over four years old and those that have become very dirty (often due to animals or welly wearers).  We will strip off all waxes and sealers taking the floor back to the bare stone and grout. We can then hand and machine scrub the floor using specialist products again making sure all dirt is off stone and grout.  The floor will be left to dry then apply the sealer and re-wax where required.

MARBLE CLEAN  We use diamond pads to clean, remove scratches and bring marble up to a mirror finish when required.

RESTORATION  We can replace broken tiles, re-do grout and repair tiles.

MAINTENANCE Once your floor is clean we will advise you as to which products to use and which to avoid to keep it looking at its best.

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